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perverted scandinavian couple looking for some company to play rough with

hi there.
i'm a swedish girl,19 y/o, naturally submissive, easy to be around and very creative, in many ways. i'm pretty skinny with small tits and an ass that really turns heads... i've been practicing BDSM for quite a few years by now, and i'm a pathological painslut and a full time pleaser with surprisingly thick skin.
i'm looking for some company for me and my dominant fiancé, someone to play around with in many dirty ways. he's in his 20s, bearded, very fit and very masculine.
we live in an apartment somewhere near cascais and have been doing so for about a year.

i'm first of all looking for a gay/bi/MtF woman - in preference a dominant woman - and/or another perverted couple, preferably over 25 y/o, who wants to stretch some limits with me, and maybe with the both of us later on. you SHOULD be able to understand and speak some english since we barely speak any portugese.
hit us up and hope for the best.


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